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Seasoned Hardwood logs Large crate

Price: £165.00 inc. V.A.T.

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Product Details

1 Cubic Metre Crate Of Seasoned Logs for sale with free delivery.

Size = H x W x D = .86 x 116 x .97 cm, logs all neat stacked. The logs are all neat stacked and equates to 1 cubic metre of solid hard wood. For comparisson a regular bulk bag that most people sell are loose filled and equate to around half a cubic metre, even though the bags measure nearly a cubic metre.

The logs are neat stacked within the crate, unlike the bulk bags which are loose filled. the logs are around 25cm long and split into quarters.

The crate is in ideal storage container, allowing air to circulate to keep the logs dry.

Unbeatable quality logs and fast free UK delivery

Facts about using logs for firewood

  • It does not matter how the hardwood logs are dried, it is all about the level of the mositure content within the hardwood, the lower the better.
  • Kiln dried logs are no better than normal seasoned hardwood logs of an equivilant moisture content.
  • We have heard the saying "The process of kiln drying leads to fire logs with a moisture content of less than 20% meaning it burns more efficiently and provides more heat than regular fire logs" which we think is misleading. If seasoned logs have a mositure content of less than 20% they will burn just as well as kiln dried logs.
  • Again, calorific content is often used to sell logs, a log dried naturally to the same moisture content as a kiln dried log will have the same calorific content as each other.

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