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Seasoned hardwood logs large crate

Price: £165.00

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Seasoned hardwood logs from Logs UK.

Seasoned hardwood logs in a large wooden crate, approximately 1 cubic metre of logs. All of our logs are seasoned and ready to burn.

The logs are a mix of different hardwood logs, Beech, Ash, Oak and Silver Birch. The logs are split and cut to approximately 20 Centimetres.

The large crate measures 88 x 116 x 97 Centimetres and the logs are neatly stacked within the crate, not loosely thrown in. The crate is in ideal storage container, allowing air to circulate to keep the logs dry.

Seasoned logs crates - why do we use crates?

Like many who supply and deliver logs, we nearly always supplied the logs in builders merchant bags, or 'bulk' or dump' bags as they are also known. We were never convinced that this was the best way to supply the logs. Many people claimed the bags were a cubic metre, and even if they actually measured 1 cubic metre (many are 90x90cm or less), there is no way that they could actually hold 1 cubic metre of logs as the logs were just loosely tossed into the bags. When someone tries to sell you a bulk bag of logs as a cubic metre, be wary, its more like 0.6 of a cubic metre, trust us, we've measured and counted how many logs are in a bulk bag!

The large crates measures 88 x 116 x 97 Centimetres, which is around 1 cubic metre of seasoned logs, the logs are then neat stacked within the crate, meaning you very nearly get a full cubic metre of logs.

The crate is also an ideal storage container for logs, allowing air to circulate to keep the logs dry.

All of our seasoned logs are sourced from FSC (Click here to read about FSC) certified sources within the UK.