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About Logs UK.

Logs UK is a family run business that started out supplying logs to a large distributor several years ago. We have since grown to become one of the largest single suppliers of seasoned hardwood and softwood logs in the UK, having a reputation for quality and dependability.

Logs UK was formed so that we could offer the same high quality logs that we supply to the large UK retailers, but direct to customers. We wanted to bring a standard quality of product to the market, no longer would it be a case of buying a 'trailer load' from the man down the street, without any guarantee of the quality of the hardwood logs or the worry of inconsistent quantities being delivered.

We still supply the large retailers with the same seasoned hardwood logs and softwood logs that you will find on this site.

Sustainable hardwood fuels.

We only process UK grown and harvested hardwoods for use as low cost and carbon neutral wood fuels.

We source hardwoods only from UK managed FSC certified forestry, we do not import any of our hardwood logs as we believe it is important that wood fuels such as hardwood logs should be as sustainable and have as small a carbon foot print as possible.

Using Hardwood Logs should not cost the earth.

Hardwood logs are great way to heat your home, and if sourced in the appropriate manner they are carbon neutral. Burning logs only releases carbon dioxide that is already actively circulating in the carbon cycle, thereby is not a net addition to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. The trouble is, a lot of the hardwood logs in particular the kiln dried logs that are available on the UK market have been imported from outside the UK, which then adds to the carbon footprint, just think of all the fuel burnt to get the logs in to the UK!

Our kiln dried hardwood logs are dried using a state of the art drying room, that has a high efficiency rating, and is fuelled by the wood waste from the processing of timber for the hardwood logs, we do not waste anything!

All of the timber we use for logs are sourced direct from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) well managed sites. We only buy timber for logs from FSC sites as we know the wood is sustainable and it is clear where the wood was harvested from ensuring you are buying hardwood logs that are sustainable.

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Sustainable hardwood log fuels.

We strongly believe that using logs to heat your home should not just be a fashionable choice, but a lifestyle choice.

Use sustainable hardwoods from well managed (FSC) sites, sourced from as close to the point of use as possible.